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Paid Surveys for Teens! Welcome to SurveySmash.com

SurveySmash is a cutting edge global community of kids and teens who take fun online surveys and get paid for their opinions.

SurveySmash members give their opinions on global issues, local trends, cool products and future concepts through a totally private platform.
The voices of SurveySmash members are powerful! Kids and teens have a huge influence in how billions of dollars are spent every year. Through SurveySmash, young people are able to participate in online surveys which carry their voices to companies, educators and legislators designing the products and policies of the future.
SurveySmash is a positive and encouraging destination for youth of any age, offering real-world incentives for participating in a global panel.
Market researchers need your opinions to produce the best products possible, from movie trailers to magazine covers, toys and clothing lines. Members of SurveySmash get to shape those products by sharing their opinions, and they get paid for it.

Who Join Surveysmash.com?

Ready to make some noise and get heard by the world?

Your opinions matter a lot more than you might think. Our mission at SurveySmash is to bring a world of different gear, movies, video games, clothes, food, and other stuff to you, just to see what you think of it!

SurveySmash.com has united with GlobalTestMarket.com!

GMI, the parent company to both SurveySmash.com and GlobalTestMarket.com, has combined these communities to ensure you will continue to have a vital voice as a teenager, but now you will be offered more opportunities and rewards!

We want to sincerely thank our loyal SurveySmash members, and hope you will continue to participate by joining the GlobalTestMarket community. We look forward to serving you as a part of the GlobalTestMarket program.

If you would like to take online surveys for cash rewards, please register at GlobalTestMarket and get started right away! For questions, please contact us.

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